Change is in the challenge

Get In the Ring is an international showcase of talented startup companies. There is no monetary prize, but teams compete and gain immensely from the worldwide publicity that this opportunity entails. This experience connects some of the world’s best startup companies with potential high value investors, as well as gaining new connections and clients.

Aftermovie – Get In The Ring Monaco 2016


For every participant we have great opportunities:

  • Lots of potential fans such as investors, corporates, talent and experts involved
  • International exposure and network in 100 countries
  • Exciting and educating process where you learn through experience and get feedback.
  • Win a trip to the Global Final in March 2017!


It’s a 1- on-1 pitch battle between two startups. There are 5 rounds, ending in a Q&A and a vote for the winner by our Champion Judges and the audience. First you get a quick intro, and the 30 sec. rounds are: Team, Achievements, Business Model & Market, Financials & Proposition, and Freestyle.


Can you imagine yourself, standing in the ring, battling head-to-head, making fans and do you meet the requirements below? Then you’re good to go!
  • Innovative and scalable business idea/model
  • Launched less than 8 years ago
  • Pitch fluently in English

Ticket sales is now open ! Book yours :



Thomas Papanikolaou

Director and Principal Advisor at Neos Chronos

Thomas is Director and Principal Advisor at Neos Chronos, a British consulting firm serving senior executives of startups and large multinational companies. He is specialized in strategy, business development and sales growth. Over the course of his international career, he has generated more than 150 million pounds of revenue for the companies he has worked for.

Hervé Kernevez

Founder at Partinnov Conseil

Hervé - founder of Partinnov Conseil - is an expert on innovation, business strategy and sales development. Thanks to his 30 years background in SALES area, He is willing to improve the value of innovative companies and falicitates their partnerships and development.

Isabelle Faggionato

Founderr at SKILL & co

After 25 years, working in different companies as a Manager and CEO, she is now spending her time running the company she found SKILL & co. Being an Entrepreneur herself gives her the ability to be relevant when she coaches managers. Her goal is to accompany leaders and managers to help them to know more about themselves, to anticipate, and to be confident by resolving conflicts. She teaches them how to communicate efficiency with their team or in public, but also how to develop their potentials; keeping in mind the efficient and best Organisation of the company. Isabelle’s coaching is based on the systemic theory of Paolo Alto that is taking care of relationship between actors in periods of changings and transitions, and by regarding future instead of Past.

Jean-Pierre MOURALIS

Founder at JobOpportunIT

I am versatile, enthusiastic and invested, not just by nature but because I have worked in startups for more than 10 years. After graduating from general engineering school, my first jobs were in microelectronics (in Grenoble and Sophia-Antipolis). I then had the opportunity to discover the technical recruitment industry in which I finally was able use all my assets to find THE ONE, where I could be an essential part in the building of an innovative and long lasting project. I am also a co-founder of MovingPlayer, a startup incubated in 2010 by Incubateur Paca-Est (IPE), composed of 9 partners. I lived inside this human and commercial adventure and watched closely the evolution of dozens of startup neighbors. This is what works best in my opinion: first, the people, if possible with complimentary personalities and skillsets who can roll with the punches for the long haul. And second: the idea, the product, the vision. The technique is not the key. My vision of recruitment is : simplicity. It must always be a logical match - do not try to fit square blocks into round holes.


Founder at JobOpportunIT

“To hack the system and the world of recruitment, that is my passion!” After working for 5 years as a computer engineer and gaining a wealth of computer skills, Sylvian now brings a professional recruitment service to both clients and candidates. Winner of best talent sourcer in France 2014 (and 2nd in 2015), he co-founded his company at Sophia Antipolis, JobOpportunIT, which specializes in recruitment for IT professionals. Strong networking skills and social media presence are an intergral part of Sylvians recruitment strategy. While impassioned by his career, Sylvain also finds time to be a blogger, a conference coach in private schools and universities, and a trainer in recruitment 2.0.